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Arthur Ashe : Why me?
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Arthur Ashe,


the legendary Wimbledon player


was dying of AIDS


which he got due to infected blood


he received during a heart surgery


in 1983..


From world over, he received letters


from his fans,


one of which conveyed:


"Why does GOD have to select you


for such a bad disease"?


To this Arthur Ashe beautifully replied:


" The world over,


50 million children


start playing tennis,


5 million learn to play tennis,


500,000 learn professional tennis,


50,000 come to the circuit,


5000 reach the grand slam,


50 reach Wimbledon ,


4 to semi final,


2 to the finals,


When I was holding a cup


I never asked GOD  'Why me?'.


And today in pain


I should not be asking


GOD 'Why me?' "


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