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Download the free corkboard screensaver from and convert it into a useful time management tool. It's an electronic corkboard where you can tack reminders, to do lists, phone numbers, information, photos or your favorite inspirational quotes. It even has a digital clock as well as one with a sweep second hand. You can set alarms to remind you to make telephone calls at specific times or warn you that the roast is ready to be taken out of the oven. You can move items around, change their shape, size and color, duplicate them, delete them, modify them and even change the look of the corkboard itself. You can make lists for every day of the week and stack them on top of one another, deleting the current one upon completion. You can stack photos like a deck of cards or arrange them like an art gallery. You can delete the calendar or clock or anything else you don't need. With all the stock items available to mount, move and manipulate. My Corkboard can be an amusement park for kids as well as an information organizer for creative people.


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