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Plan ahead when traveling
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Here are five tips for frequent flyers.

1. If you travel frequently on similar type trips, make out a checklist that you can refer to each time. The list should include what you need to do before the trip, what you should bring, what you need to do during the trip, and any action needed after the trip is over.,

2. Fill out any customs and immigration form the night before. Keep a few extras on hand. As soon as you receive your airline ticket, store it in a document holder, along with your passport, car rental papers, frequent flyer coupons, travel cards etc.

3. Inform staff members of items that are likely to come up during your absence and explain how to handle them. Leave copies of your itinerary with both your office and family. Include hotel phone numbers and scheduled appointments.

4. Several days ahead start setting aside items you have to take with you. Don’t leave all the packing until the last minute. Maintain a small personal effects kit specifically for travel.

5. Record flight numbers and times, airport terminal, hotel and car rental confirmation numbers etc. directly into your planner as soon as you receive the information. Don’t schedule appointments the day after your return so you will have time to catch up on the backlog.

Planning is the key to a successful business trip.


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